MRFC Technology

Mantra’s MRFC (Mixed-Reactant Fuel Cell) design is a revolutionary fuel cell concept. By utilizing a mixture of fuel and oxidant, the MRFC eliminates the need for the costly, failure-prone membrane required by conventional fuel cells. Additionally, the system uses liquid fuels that are easy to store and do not release any harmful byproducts. These and corresponding simplifications in the reactant distribution system make for a fuel cell stack that is smaller, lighter, and less expensive. As a result, the MRFC is a power supply that is practical, reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly.

Because it uses liquid fuels, such as formate or borohydride, the MRFC is not faced with the challenges of storing and distributing gaseous hydrogen like conventional fuel cells are. Liquid fuels are easily stored and transported using existing infrastructure.

Since bringing the MRFC into its lab, the Mantra team has accomplished a tenfold scale-up to a 300 W stack. This stack was used to power a scooter in the first ever vehicle demonstration using a mixed-reactant system. Mantra is continuing this scale-up work to commercialize MRFC systems for stationary and mobile applications.

The image below gives a graphic comparison of conventional fuel cells (left) and the MRFC (right).

Mantra's 300 W demonstration system can be seen in the video below.