Scientific Advisory

Professor Emeritus Colin Oloman

Professor Emeritus, P. Eng.

As the inventor of Mantra’s ERC and MRFC technologies, Professor Emeritus Colin Oloman and his work make up the heart of Mantra Energy. Integral as the leader of the Scientific Advisory Board, Professor Oloman has held similar positions as a consultant in the research and development of a variety of electrochemical processes. His notable accomplishments include developing Canada’s first pilot plant for the scrubbing of hydrogen sulfide from pulp mill recovery furnace flue gas from 1965 to 1967, co-inventing and developing the Electro-LuberTM system to start-up in 1982, and designing, engineering, installing and operating a 20 kW, 10-cell perforated bipolar electrochemical reactor for the production of alkaline peroxide in 1984.

Professor Oloman has published three books and over 45 reports in various industry journals, and is the inventor or co-inventor of over 20 US and international patents. He is a member of the Chemical Engineering Society of Canada and The Electrochemical Society.

Professor Plamen Atanassov

Distinguished Professor (UNM)

Professor Plamen Atanassov is the Founding Director of UNM’s Center for Emerging Energy Technologies and a Distinguished Professor at the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. He obtained his Ph.D. from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry in 1995, and since then has been heavily involved in applied electrochemistry and the development of fuel cell electrocatalysts. This work has primarily taken place at UNM, where Professor Atanassov has been successful in partnering with such companies as Daihatsu, Ballard, and CFD Research Corp., but also includes being a project leader in electrocatalyst development at Superior MicroPowders LLC (now Cabot Corp.).

Professor Atanassov’s current research is focused, among other things, on the development of non-platinum and platinum group metal catalysts. Funding from the US Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of Energy (DOE) supports his work. Professor Atanassov has ongoing research collaborations with many universities in several countries, including a number of US National Laboratories, and has published some 220 peer-reviewed journal articles. He holds more than 30 US and international patents.

Alexey Serov, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor (UNM)

Dr. Alexey Serov (Ph.D.) is a Research Assistant Professor at UNM’s Center for Emerging Energy Technologies. After graduating with an Honor Diploma and Gold Medal from the Chemistry Department of Moscow State University, he worked for five years as a researcher in that institution’s Division of Inorganic Chemistry. He then worked as a Senior Researcher at the Samsung SDI R&D Center in the Republic of Korea, for which he was awarded “Best Foreign Researcher”, before obtaining his Ph.D. from the Paul Scherrer Institute and University of Bern with a focus on the chemical properties of Super Heavy Elements and their homologues.

Dr. Serov’s current research at UNM is directly related to that of Professor Atanassov, and is focused on the synthesis of multicomponent inorganic materials and catalysts by conventional and advanced solution, solid state and ultra-sonic techniques, and the synthesis and characterization of nano-crystalline catalysts for energy storage and conversion applications. He has published nearly 30 peer-reviewed journal papers on electrocatalysis, and is named on dozens of issued US and international patents.