Management and Board of Directors

Larry Kristof

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Larry Kristof Larry Kristof has over 15 years of experience in business development and corporate leadership. In 2003 Larry co-founded Lexington Energy, a company engaged in manufacturing and leasing oil field service equipment to oil and gas, and other oil field service, companies. Under Larry’s stewardship, Lexington introduced the first nitrogen-on-demand system to Alberta oil markets. The technology represented a significant advancement in the application of nitrogen technology, with purification capabilities of 98-99.5%. Lexington went on to become the first manufacturer of drilling systems specifically designed for oil sands exploration coring. As a result of Larry’s business acumen and vision, Lexington was able to successfully shepherd these innovative technologies from concept to reality and ultimately generate assets of over $7 million. After ensuring the financial sustainability of the company by recording corporate revenues of $2 million in the first two quarters of 2007, Larry resigned from Lexington Energy to focus full-time on the “green-tech” sector by founding Mantra Venture Group Ltd.

Patrick Dodd

VP Corporate Development

Patrick Dodd With a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec (Canada) and a Master’s degree in Clean Energy Engineering from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada), Patrick is continually pushing the boundaries of carbon capture and utilization technology research.  This passion and commitment began as an intern at Carbon Recycling International in Iceland and continues today with Mantra.

Sona Kazemi, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Sona Kazemi Before completing her Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia, Dr. Sona Kazemi received both her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology in Iran. Her research work has included fuel cell design, development, and operation, MEA and catalyst layer preparation and characterization, electro-analytical characterization, and bio-fuel cell design and development for electricity generation from wastewater. Sona has worked extensively on microbial fuel cells, and is especially capable in the realm of electrochemical system modeling and simulation.

Randy Gue

Industry Specialist

Randy Gue worked for Lafarge Canada Inc. in for over 30 years in various roles (including production, maintenance, quality, process, and sales), for the latter half in the field of resource recovery. In this capacity he had a continued focus on reducing the plant’s greenhouse gas emissions, and thus naturally has been integral to the development of Mantra’s Lafarge-based ERC pilot plant. As Industry Specialist Mr. Gue brings to Mantra an intimate knowledge of the cement industry and cement production processes (among other industrial processes), expertise that is be extremely valuable as Mantra continues to expand its activities and industry partners. An understanding of the myriad possibilities for the integration of Mantra’s technologies with existing industrial processes is of great benefit to the company.

Christina Gyenge, Ph.D.

VP of Technology, Marketing and Innovation

Christina Gyenge Since receiving her Ph.D. from UBC in 2000, Dr. Christina Gyenge has worked extensively in chemical and biological engineering. This experience includes postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Bergen and Stanford University and a position as a research associate at Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials. In 2009 she returned to UBC as a teaching faculty, in which capacity she developed and delivered numerous courses such as Energy Engineering. Dr. Gyenge combines an interdisciplinary and innovative background with a broad overview and vision related to the practical applications of alternative energy technologies and novel chemical technologies in general.

Glenn Parker

Independent Director

Glenn Parker Glenn Parker (CFP, CIMA) has been providing expertise in investment markets to both individuals and institutions for over 20 years, since obtaining his MBA and combined Civil Engineering and Business degree from McMaster University. His experience includes as a Vice President with both Prudential Securities and D.A. Davidson & Co., an Adjunct Instructor at Portland State University, and as the founder of Wychick Investment Advisors. Mr. Parker brings his extensive knowledge of public and private markets to the development of Mantra’s business lines.

Jonathan Michael Boughen


Jonathan Boughen has a great deal of experience in the technology sector. From 2000 to 2006, Jonathan was a sales manager at Ropak Corporation, a company that specializes in plastic packaging, container and film technologies worldwide. Responsible for managing the sales team and key distributors, he shared the profit and loss accountability with the Regional Plant Manager. In 2006 Jonathan joined Scientek Technology Corporation as a general manager.  The company is a recognized provider of specialized hospital and laboratory products such as washers and dryers for the processing of delicate surgical instruments and fragile laboratory glassware.  He is directly responsible for ensuring sales and growth by adopting sophisticated technology while continuing to be accountable for profits and loss.